Pet/Animal Policy and Application


AMG is pet friendly!  The process for any resident or applicant who wishes to keep a pet or animal is as follows:

1.  Complete a separate pet or animal application. Residents or applicants with household pets or service/companion/assistive animals are required to submit a per pet application through a third-party pet screening vendor as part of our standard pet/animal policy for all dogs and cats.  Please contact AMG regarding other animals.  To begin your pet/animal application please go to:

2.  Obtain management approval prior to bringing or allowing any pet/animal on the premises.

3.  Complete a pet/animal addendum.

4.  Move your pet/animal into your home and enjoy!


– If you have a pet(s) there is an additional per pet application charge which is administered by a third-party pet screening tool.  Pet Screening is a simple and secure tool allowing you to store all the important information about your pet in one place.  The benefits of registering your pet with a pet screening service are huge.  An online pet screening allows you to consolidate the paperwork required to manage your pet’s complicated life all in one place.  Profile information includes: photos, vaccinations, microchip, training, behavioral traits as well as a special section for service/companion animals.  You’ll love the ease of sharing this information with all the service providers in your pets lives; pet sitters, pet daycares, groomers, veterinarians, and animal hospitals.

–  All pets must be registered with AMG and comply with all local laws for licensing, vaccinations and shots. No visiting pets are allowed.

–  Breeds with a disposition for aggressive behavior may be prohibited.

–  $300.00 pet fee (non-refundable) for Dogs and Cats.

–  Fish (No Charge) – kept in tanks or aquariums up to 50 gallons. Poisonous or carnivorous fish are not allowed.

–  Birds (No Charge) – any normally caged bird kept as a pet such as a Canary, Parakeet or Finch and must stay in cage and not be allowed to fly throughout apartment.

–  Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, chinchillas, gerbils, reptiles, or turtles – in approved cages only (No Charge).  They must always be in their cage! 

–  Limit of 2 pets per unit.

– All pet approvals are at the sole discretion of management.  Service animals may be exempt from pet criteria pursuant to the Fair Housing Act.

*** We strongly suggest any apartment with a pet have RENTERS INSURANCE*** We also highly recommend that all pets/animals be spayed or neutered and that cats be de-clawed or have gel caps.

There will be a charge of $750 per pet, per incident, as stated in your Lease Agreement for any violation of this policy.

– You must maintain a clean and sanitary home environment with your pet or animal and clean up any animal waste anywhere on the premises from your animal.