Sublease Needed

Lexington Ridge

Apartment Number:  V-01
Rooms Available: Three
Time-frame Needed: Partial Year
Roommate Gender: Any
Contact Email:
In need of 1-3 people to take over my 3BR lease at least from Jan-May 2024(Spring Semester) potentially sooner. Rent is $595/mo for a single renter. Contact details above

Open Apartment across from Grawn Hall


Apartment Number:  101 E Bellows St.
Rooms Available: three
Time-frame Needed: partial-year
Roommate Gender: 
Contact Email:
My roommate and I need to find subleasers for our 3 bedroom apartment for the Spring 2024 semester. Currently only 2 people staying here, but has 3 rooms and is right across from campus!

Looking for a safe space?

Lexington Ridge

Apartment Number: 
Rooms Available: One
Time-frame Needed: As soon as possible
Roommate Gender: Female
Contact Email:
We are 2 girl students looking for a third roommate to sublease as soon as possible! Our house is non drinking and non smoking. We both are pretty involved in our faith and are from the MP area! Also, rent is only $289 a month and the apartment is pretty spacious, so that’s pretty sweet! Text me (Annie) at 810-338-4401 if you are interested and we can meet up for coffee to get to know each other more! Thank you!